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1000 RWHP Achieved!


Mike -- Hang this on your wall – you were a key part of this build! I finally got the clutch broken in and here’s what this baby did on the final dyno tune. And this is a “safe” tune on pump gas – a tank of 93 Octane with a gallon of 100 Octane mixed in. After my tuner recorded this, we backed it down just a tad from 1028.7 RWHP and 943 RWTQ to 950 RWHP and 930 RWTQ to be on the safe side. The heads has a “Mild” Comp Cams Stage 1, heads and intake were ported with a competition valve job, 10% Innovators West Dual Keyed Lower Pulley, 10MM Ford GT Timing Chains, 2” primary long tube headers, 1400 HP DXT Twin Disc McLeod Clutch, Moser 31 Spline Chromalloy Rear Axles, Ford Racing Oil Pump with TSS Billet Oil Gears, 155MM JLT CAI, C&R High Capacity Heat Exchanger, C&R Ultra High Radiator, Kenny Bell BIGUN Intercooler, Fore Triple Pump Hat full return fuel system, and Injector Dynamics 1300 fuel injectors, just to name some of what went into the build.

The New Whipple 4.0 had a 3.75” upper pulley and the final PSI was about 19-20 PSI.
If you want the details on all that went into the build, let me know.

Thanks for all of your help on this build. I achieved my goal of 1000 RWHP.

James A. Holtzclaw




It's Not Too Late...

“Now is the time” for all good men (and women) to come to the aid of their Mustangs!!!

The Fox body Mustangs have come of age…Don’t sell yours! 

Over the past several years, the prices of these future classics, namely the 1982 thru 1995 5.0, have been rising and holding their ground. If you have already gotten rid of one of your babies, try to find a replacement. Not so easy, especially in the N.Y. metro area.  Now it’s time to take off the kid gloves and start caring for your Mustang – respecting it like the musclecar it deserves to be treated as.

Weekend Warrior – Street/Strip Racer: You know who you are, and you are becoming the most common type of Fox body enthusiast. It is now time to get your priorities straight. By that I mean…GET A TRAILER &/OR TOW VEHICLE! We are located on Long Island and just in case you haven’t noticed, there is no longer a track in the driveable range. If you have ever been to E-Town or any of the other venues in the Northeast, a trailer is an absolute necessity. Don’t worry about your ‘stang being called a trailer queen, it is the only way to have a truly enjoyable drag racing experience. Breaking your car at a track that is located almost a hundred miles away can incur costs that can really add up. These costs can sometimes add up to about a quarter of the cost of a small car carrying trailer. Tow vehicles can range from minivans (sorry mom),SUV’s, Vans, Work trucks, or large family sedans. Hey, this is a reality of racing life in the 21st century.

Daily Drivers: The past few years have not been kind to this group, you guys are dwindling. You might be better off becoming a weekend warrior in this day and age. I know, it’s painful to leave your Mustang home, but remember…Today’s Mustang is tomorrows future valuable Musclecar! If you must, stay on top of all your maintenance issues and baby her as much as possible, one day she might not be replaceable.

Vinne M. -- Island Dragway, NJ

Vinnie M. at Island Dragway, August 6, 2006


Pete M's - 347 Upgrade
John C's - Small Stroker Special - Ready for '07

2006 was the year of Vinny M's foray into the drag racing experience. As seen here on our spotlight series, his series to go 10's far surpassed any of our expectations. By the end of the season, he had run a best quarter-mile time of 10.25 @ 130 mph. On the last day of the season, as the need for speed was at an all-time high, we turned up the wick and broke the stock off-set ground crankshaft on what would have surely been a high 9-second pass. The story goes like this: Mr. M wasn't satisfied halfway through the season with his 10.50 128 mph passes. This is where the greed for speed came on in full force. The purchase of the crankshaft bending cog belt set-up immediately took .2 off the quarter mile times as well as adding two more miles per hour in trap speed. In turn, the torque converter stall speed had now increased by about 500 rpm allowing a launch at 4400 compared to the previous 3800 he had been applying his trans brake with. The first outing with the cog belt netted the previously mentioned 10.25's at Island Dragway in NJ. We then turned down an invitation to an open track meeting with the boys from Mustang Magic at Atco Raceway in early October. We wanted to save the car for the Fords at Englishtown Event in late October. Unfortunately, on this day only the 1/8 mile track was being run due to a wild windy day. Previous 1/8 mile times for Vinny's car was 105 mph on his best 10.25 pass. First pass out on that fateful October day at E-town netted an instant 108 mph in the eighth with the new 4500 launch rpm. Second pass blew off the inlet hose, still running 108 in the eighth. With a 1.39 0-60 foot time on the third pass and 108 in the eighth-broken crankshaft. Stay tuned for a completely new combo in 2007. The question is "What will it be"? I will give you a hint - the blower is for sale! 


  • Louie Z's 396 CI twisted wedge fuel injected torque monster

  • John C's Johnny 5.0 heads to the track as well as Pete M too

Coming Attractions:

Mike's Mustangs-Sponsored NMRA Hot Street Entry

Rich DeMarco and Mike's Mustangs have embarked on a new project for the 2006 NMRA season – a competitive NMRA Hot Street Racer. Rich's 1985 Mustang GT, previously run in the Open Comp Class SS since the NMRA's inception, will now sport a Victor Headed 400 Cubic Inch Keith Craft Mill. Pictures of DeMarco's Open Comp Car before the makeover, and all the old specs are the Spotlight area. The car as it is being reconstructed can be viewed in the Projects area.



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