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Wet Bandit Strikes Again!

No, it’s not the next remake of Home Alone…but it is the stains in your driveway and smoke billowing out from under the hood of your prized Mustang.

The 5.0 Fox bodied Mustangs are showing their age. Many of the cars coming into the shop these days are leaky disasters. Previously we had gone in-depth about preparing a Mustang to go fast, with the chassis and suspension being a priority. The problem now is that customers looking for modifications only to be thwarted by dangerous and inefficient leaks. We’ll start with the back and move forward. [more]]


I Wanna Go Fast

The most common phrase I hear from most mustangers is “I WANNA GO FAST”- you know who you are. This series will be a start to finish guideline of some proper ways to set up a race car that is fun, fast, and safe. Most people usually start out ass-backwards, so we will attempt to straighten things out. [more]