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1990 Lincoln Town Car

Log #001  March, 2003


By now you are familiar with liteweight, well hold on to your hoofs…it’s time for something completely different. How about a 1990 Lincoln Town Car with a Keith Craft/Frankie Ford 408 Windsor Stroker! The car in it’s recently previous life had a 306 with GT40P Heads and a carburetor. It just wouldn’t motivate the car or the owner for that matter. 

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  • Log #001 - March, 2003

Project Heavyweight 408 Stroker

When Mr.Smith first came to my shop the fuel injection had already been removed with all the usual mistakes made when doing these fuelie/carb swaps. The AOD T.V. cable was not functioning properly, the fuel injection distributor was still retained even though it has no advance provisions when used in this manner. The fuel pump was not proper for this application as well as the stock ignition source.

Heavyweight Existing 306 with Carb

While the car had it’s 306 I straightened out some of these stale points. An MSD 6AL and Billet Distributor replaced the inadequate ignition sources. A Mallory Comp 110 Fuel Pump fed the fuel, and to really hook this beast up we use a FB (Freddie Brown) Full Comp Trans Brake AOD transmission. This eliminates the use of a T.V. cable which is often a sour point with carbs and AODs.  

Heavy Motor Being Installed

Much of this project will entail setting up a fuel system capable of handling upwards of 500 hp in a 4500-5000 lb car. We’ve also discussed NOS, but we’ll get into that at a future date. That’s the basics, more will follow as this project is well under way already. Stop by and check it out….it’s no mustang, I can tell you that!

Lite Over Heavy

Project Heavyweight Almost-Completed Motor

Heavyweight Awaits Allstate Modified 750CFM Holley Carb and Complete Fuel System

Dennis S. -- 1990 Town Car -- 408c.i


 Project Heavyweight

1990 Lincoln Town Car

Block: ’79 351W .030

Crank: Scat Cast Steel

Rods: Eagle SIR “I”Beam

Pistons: TFS(Arias) 10 : 1 Comp.

Heads: TFS Twisted Wedge Track Heat

   Ported by Frankie Ford

Pushrods: TFS Chrome-Moly

Rocker Arms: Comp Cams Pro-Magnum

Timing Chain: Ford Racing

Lifters: Ford Racing Hydraulic Roller

Intake Manifold: Edelbrock Performer RPM

   Ported by Frankie Ford

Headers: MAC 1 5/8 Mustang Shorties

Carb: Allstate-prepped Bill Mitchell 750 Holley

Rear End: 8.8 w/ 4.10 Axle Ratio

Transmission: F.B. Full Race AOD w/9.5 Converter

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