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Project Lite-Weight -- 1983 Mustang Coupe (Notchback)  


Log #002  February, 2003


Welcome back. We have tackled the crossmember issue in a completely different way. The Comp piece arrived and it would not work as we had hoped. 

I spotted an old Crown Vic crossmember, which has it’s own double hump section, and we were able to modify this piece instead. It pays to save old parts sometimes. 

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Customized Crown Vic Crossmember.


About 6 inches of this piece had to be cut off at each end to make it fit between the frame rails. What we did was use the rearward mounting position of the existing frame mounts, which became the forward mounting hole, and we used an old bracket welded to the frame to form the rear mounting position. This allowed all the clearance necessary with the Tremec/Setback situation. A small spacer was fabricated out of an old flex fan spacer to achieve an acceptable pinion angle at the tailshaft of the transmission. The threaded holes in the Energy transmission mount were a necessity since stock mounts use a small stud to secure it to the crossmember, and the spacer was a full inch. We use these mounts on all of our vehicles anyway. 


Transmission Mount and Spacer.


Full Length Sub-Frame Connector



Coming soon…Details, Details, Details if you know what I mean.  



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