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Ask Mike -- Frequently Asked Questions


Question: I recently converted a 4-cylinder 87 LX to a 5.0. I used a motor and harness from a 1989 GT and everything plugged in. Now my fuel pump is staying on and my gauges don't seem to be working! What is going on here?   
-- J. Owens, Valhalla, N.Y.

Answer:  Even though your connectors all plugged in, there are variations in the harnesses between the years. You can fry your computer and/or harness if you don't check the differences with a proper schematic diagram. Note: Some harnesses do interact properly, but each swap should be handled on an individual bases. -- Mike



I Wanna Go Fast

The most common phrase I hear from most mustangers is “I WANNA GO FAST” -- you know who you are. This series will be a start to finish guideline of some proper ways to set up a race car that is fun, fast, and safe. Most people usually start out ass-backwards, so we will attempt to straighten things out. [more]

Question: How can I tell if I have a Mexican block? 
-- W. Ford, Lake Success, N.Y.

Answer: Mexican blocks have the ID "HECHO EN MEXICO" cast stamped in the lifter valley. These blocks are known to have a higher nickel content as well as having thicker main bearing caps. The new Ford Racing Sportsman block has similar caps, although these blocks do have thicker web supports at the main bearing saddles. -- Mike

Question: Bruce Springsteen once sang "I got a 69 chevy with a 396, fuely heads and a Hurst on the floor". What's wrong with those words?

Answer: The 396 was a big block engine. But fuely heads were only on small block engines.


Question: I have a 1985 Plymouth Reliant, and one day when the car had about 95,000 miles on it, I was making a turn and the front-left wheel fell off. I was told it was the inner tie rod end. Is there any way to prevent this from happening again?

Answer: Don't buy another Plymouth Reliant.


Question: I've been driving around in an '85 Pontiac Bonneville for several years now and no woman ever wants to climb on my hood. What am I doing wrong?

Answer: Perhaps you should change your brand of car, and buy her some Leopard Skin boots.. 



Question: What is X?

Answer:  X ... is X..


Question: Often when working on my car, I get very dirty. What do you recommend for this situation?

Answer: Mike's Mustangs recommends a friendly helper.