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Welcome to Mustang Sallies... a never-ending and revolving reel of Mike's Mustangs cars and interesting pix.

Reel One

Roy G.

Dan K.

Louis G.

Reel Two

LouieMoo's Cobra

JoeT - 1990 LX

Doug Scheidet

Matt and Rich DeMarco

Dave LSC

Reel Three

Adams 306

Alex K 347

Arik S 331

Downs Ford 325

Frank H

Reel Four

Looie O

George W

Joe P


Tommy Jones

Rob M

Reel Five

Sasha 88 Notch Street Strip

Jim's 99 GT

The Bellina Brothers

Chris Viggiano

Rob @ Syosset - 88 LX

Tom S. 93 LX

Reel Six

Mike S. - '94 GT

Jim S. '93 Cobra

Paul Russell's '03 Cobra

Skip M. - 85 GT

Red Car


Reel Seven

Matt F.

Joel R.

Nick M.

66 Mustang Conversion

Paul N. - 89 Turbo LX and His Other Mustang

Reel Three

Frank H

Frank H '88 LX

Frank H's 357 C.I. "Solid Roller"


Frank H's Engine Compartment Preparation

TFS by Frankie Ford, Short Block by Scorpion Race Engines 


Adam S 306

Adam S's 306 - Windsor Sr Heads by Frankie Ford, Solid Roller Vortech S-Trim


Alex K 347

Alex K's Coast High 347 Fuel Injected - Windsor Sr Heads by Frankie Ford

Arik S 331

Arik S's 331 Keith Craft, Tremec, Fuel Injected '93 Convertible, Special Edition


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