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"Sgt. Cobra"- 1993 Cobra

Mint '93 Original SVT Cobra

Engine Removal

Connecting Rod Expulsion

347 Keith Craft/TFS Twisted Wedge by Frankie Ford

Frankie Ford Stage 3 TFS Lower Intake

28oz Billet Flywheel

347 Installation

Completed Project

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1993 Mustang Cobra 347

The Sargeant's Story is one of the new breed of electronic purchases. Sarge purchased a mint red '93 Cobra on Ebay. A few states away, he figured he would drive it back to New York from Ohio. A blown head gasket halfway through Jersey and the car was at Mike's Mustangs before he could even enjoy it. Being the army man he is, he drove it to my shop from East Meadow with the blown head gasket. We rolled the dice anyway and put the TFS twisted wedge head cam and intake package on the factory Cobra short block. Did we mention the car came with a Paxton SN '93 old-school supercharger? This explains the blown head gaskets. 

Once the package was installed, the car then went to an unnamed alarm shop and one day later the car arrived back at the shop with a hole in the side of the oil pan with a protruding connecting rod. Time to start over again. Let's talk cubic inches and some head porting. Here's how the finished product went together without the blower.

347 cubic inches by Keith Craft & Frankie Ford 
Block : E7 Factory hydraulic roller
Crank : Eagle Steel 3.400
Connecting Rods : Eagle I-Beam
Pistons : Diamond Twisted Wedge Flat-top 
Camshaft : Comp Extreme Energy 560/574 232/240
Main Support Girdle : TFS Street steel
Cylinder Heads : TFS Twisted Wedge 2.02/1.60 for stud mounted rocker arms, -+Stage 2 Porting by Frankie Ford
Intake : TFS Track Heat EFI
Throttle Body : Accufab 75mm & egr spacer
Mass Air : Pro-M 77mm
Injectors : Ford Racing 36lb
Rocker Arms : 1.6 TFS Roller 7/16
Pushrods : Trick Flow (TFS) Chromemoly 6.700
Timing Chain : Ford Racing Double Roller
Harmonic Balancer : Ford Racing 28oz SFI
Headers : MAC 1 3/4 Long tubes
Exhaust : MAC 2 Pro-Chamber, Flowmaster American Thunder Cat-back
Transmission : T5
Electronics : MSD 6BTM
Rearend : Stock 8.8 w/3.73 Ford Racing Ring & Pinion, 
Fuel Pump : Walbro 255lph
Fuel Regulator : Kirban Adjustable
Oil Pan : Canton 7qt w/ Canton pickup
Oil Pump : Melling M68HV High Volume
Oil Pump Driveshaft : Ford Racing HD
Clutch : Ford Racing King Cobra
Flywheel : Ford Racing Billet 28oz
Shifter : Pro-5.0 
Rear Suspension : Maximum Motorsports Panhard Bar
PERFORMANCE : Naturally aspirated - no power adders, Car made 365 rwhp on dynojet with street tires!

Here's a look at Pete's upgrades:

Cylinder Heads : TFS High Port w/Frankie Ford Stage 3 Porting
Camshaft : Lunati 540/560 Hyd roller 232/240 dur @ .050
Headers : RCI Custom 1 - 1 7/8 step long tube
Intake Manifold : Victor Jr. Stage 3 "Skeletor" by Frankie Ford
Front Control Arms : QA1 Street-econo
Front Springs : QA1 14-150
Clutch : Spec Stage 2H (hybrid)
Brakes : Stainless Steel Brakes rear disc kit (still 4-lug)

Power Increase - we are looking for about 30-50 rwhp and hopefully 10 second quarter mile/120 mph passes!

Future Upgrades : 5-lug conversion, More Gear - 4.30, AOD Full Race Transmission NOTE: Tremec is for sale!