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Sgt. Cobra 1993 Cobra


Vinnie M. 
'87 GT Convertible


 Nick Metrakos 
'88LX -- Recipe for Consistency


Paul Russell's 
'03 Cobra
-- Mildly Modified Monster 


Georgie W's '88 LX Notch, aka 
Poolboy's Wet Dream


Mr. Bracketman - Alan E.  1993 Mustang LX Coupe (Notch)  

Rich DeMarco's 1985 Mustang GT



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Georgie W 1988 LX Notch
A.K.A Poolboy’s Wet Dream


George W's 302 Crate Motor XE3

George W's '88 LX 302/5.0 L Frankie Ford Ported GT40X Heads





5.0 engine w/vortech and custom tensioner pulley





Block : Ford Racing XE3 Long Block 5.0 Liter

Camshaft : Ford Racing E303

Cylinder Heads : GT40 X Heads w/Supercharger Porting by Frankie Ford

Intake : GT40 w/Frankie Ford Ported lower

Rocker Arms : 1.6 Ford Racing Roller

Timing Chain : Ford Racing Double Roller

Throttle Body : Ford Racing 65mm w/ 65 EGR

Headers : Mac 1 5/8 Standard Shorty w/Mac Pro-Chamber

Transmission : FB Full Race AOD w/Transbrake, 10” Pro-Torque Converter w/FB Variable Stall Speed Feature

Electronics : MSD 6BTM w/ MSD Launch Controller

Rearend : 8.8 w/4.10 Ford Racing Ring & Pinion, Superior 31 Spline Axles, Eaton 31 Spline Differential

Fuel Pump : Walbro In-Tank 190lph & Vortech T-Rex

Fuel Regulator : Crane Adjustable

Driveshaft : Ford Racing Aluminum

Oil Pan : Canton 7qt w/ Canton pickup

Oil Pump : Melling M63 High Volume

Oil Pump Driveshaft : Ford Racing HD

Fuel Injectors : 24lb (naturally aspirated)

                          36lb (supercharged)

Power Adder : Vortech S-Trim (quiet…shhh!) 11 lbs. Boost w/ Anderson Power Pipe

PERFORMANCE : Naturally aspirated -12.48 @108.7 MPH

w/recently added blower – 437 Rear Wheel Horsepower on Chassis Dyno. Car will be on track early spring 2004.