Other Spotlights:


Sgt. Cobra 1993 Cobra


Vinnie M. 
'87 GT Convertible


 Nick Metrakos 
'88LX -- Recipe for Consistency


Paul Russell's 
'03 Cobra
-- Mildly Modified Monster 


Georgie W's '88 LX Notch, aka 
Poolboy's Wet Dream


Mr. Bracketman - Alan E.  1993 Mustang LX Coupe (Notch)  

Rich DeMarco's 1985 Mustang GT



Members Of:



Vinny M. 87 GT Convertible

Vinny M.

Convertibles CAN be Race Cars!


Vinny M. 324 by Downs Ford/B&B Engines/Frankie Ford


Still a 5-Speed!


Low 10s w/Unequal Length Shorties

Ready for install

Canton T-Sump Oil Pan

Almost Ready

Let's Run 10's


16 a- 324 w/Vortech & C4

Downs Ford 324 w/Frankie Ford Heads

Vinny M. and his son


Engine : Downs Ford 324 Stroker by B&B Race Engines

Block : Ford Factory 1987 E7 Hydraulic Roller

Crank : Stock Early 302 Offset ground

Connecting Rods : Eagle H-Beam

Girdle : TFS Steel Main  Support w/ARP Main Cap bolts 

Camshaft : Wolverine WG-1087

Cylinder Heads : World Products  Windsor Sr. Stage 2 Supercharger Porting by Frankie Ford

Intake : Holley Systemax w/Frankie Ford Ported lower

Rocker Arms : 1.6 Roller, 3/8 Stud

Pushrods : TFS 6.5 Chromemoly

Timing Chain : Ford Racing Double Roller

Balancer : Ford Racing 28oz SFI Race Dampener

Throttle Body : Accufab 70mm w/EGR Spacer

Headers : Mac 1 5/8 Standard Shorty w/Mac Pro-Chamber & MAC Pro Dumps (2.5)

Transmission : Dynamic Mighty Mite C4 w/Transbrake

Torque Converter : Art Carr 9 Special

Flywheel : TCI SFI Flexplate

Electronics : MSD 6AL w/ MSD Boost Retard & MSD 2-Step

Rearend : 8.8 w/3.55 Ford Racing Ring & Pinion, Moser 33 Spline Axles, Moser Spool

Fuel System : Aeromotive complete front to rear kit

Driveshaft : Ford Racing Aluminum

Oil Pan : Canton 7qt w/ Canton pickup

Oil Pump : Melling M63 High Volume

Oil Pump Driveshaft : Ford Racing HD

Fuel Injectors : 50lb MSD

Mass Air : Pro Mass Air Systems 77mm Shorty

Power Adder : Vortech S-Trim w/ Anderson Power Pipe

Suspension : Stock front w/90/10 Lakewood Struts & 4cyl coil springs, UPR Bump-steer Rear HP Megabyte Jr. Lower control arms, Ford Racing boxed uppers

Line-Loc : Moroso Anti-Roll