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The most common phrase I hear from most mustangers is “I WANNA GO FAST” — you know who you are. This series will be a start to finish guideline of some proper ways to set up a race car that is fun, fast, and safe. Most people usually start out ass-backwards, so we will attempt to straighten things out.

Getting Started

The first place to pay attention is the chassis. We will use Project Liteweight (Lite) as our reference car. Adding a set of good quality subframe connectors is always the very first modification that should be done with any Mustang. Mustangs are built with a unit-body construction. This means that the front and rear frames of the car are connected by a rigid floorpan. By using aftermarket frame connectors, the chassis becomes less susceptible to the twisting and buckling often incurred when drag racing. Windshield and A-pillar cracking is also avoided with the use of connectors.

Subframe Connectors – Std. and Full Length (Note Additional Bracing for Lower Torque Box Area w/Full Length Connector)

There are several types of subframe connectors available in the market today. We try to stay away from bolt-on and tubular styles. The tubular type uses a tab mounted on the tube to either bolt on or weld to the frame. This is not as good or as positive as the flat boxed steel versions which we prefer to use. These flat steel types usually have an additional seat cross brace to help reinforce the sagging area behind the front seats.

Connectors 1 PR – Std. Maximum Motorsports Subframe Connectors w/Seat Brace

Mike’s Mustangs has had nothing but excellent results with all of the Maximum Motorsports product line as well as their high quality and superb fitting connectors.

Maximum Motorsports offers these connectors in two different configurations – Standard, and Full-Length. The full length frame connectors offer even more structural rigidity by following the frame rail as far forward as possible. This kit also comes with additional boxing to help support part of the lower torque boxes. They do require quite a bit more welding than the standard type, so be prepared to pay a little extra for the extra performance.

The overall benefits of subframe connectors provide a solid platform to all of your future modifications and will help ensure that you won’t ruin your project before it even gets off the ground – literally! Project Liteweight is now receiving a set of Maximum Motorsports full length frame connectors.

Next Time

We will get into suspension details. Rear – control arms, springs, shocks. Front – K-members, control arms, coil overs, etc. Stay tuned.

— Mike

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