Vinne M. — Island Dragway, NJ

2006 was the year of Vinny M’s foray into the drag racing experience.

As seen here on our spotlight series, his series to go 10’s far surpassed any of our expectations. By the end of the season, he had run a best quarter-mile time of 10.25 @ 130 mph.

On the last day of the season, as the need for speed was at an all-time high, we turned up the wick and broke the stock off-set ground crankshaft on what would have surely been a high 9-second pass.

The Story

The story goes like this: Mr. M wasn’t satisfied halfway through the season with his 10.50 128 mph passes. This is where the greed for speed came on in full force. The purchase of the crankshaft bending cog belt set-up immediately took .2 off the quarter mile times as well as adding two more miles per hour in trap speed. In turn, the torque converter stall speed had now increased by about 500 rpm allowing a launch at 4400 compared to the previous 3800 he had been applying his trans brake with.

The first outing with the cog belt netted the previously mentioned 10.25’s at Island Dragway in NJ. We then turned down an invitation to an open track meeting with the boys from Mustang Magic at Atco Raceway in early October.

We wanted to save the car for the Fords at Englishtown Event in late October. Unfortunately, on this day only the 1/8 mile track was being run due to a wild windy day. Previous 1/8 mile times for Vinny’s car was 105 mph on his best 10.25 pass.

First pass out on that fateful October day at E-town netted an instant 108 mph in the eighth with the new 4500 launch rpm.

Second pass blew off the inlet hose, still running 108 in the eighth.

With a 1.39 0-60 foot time on the third pass and 108 in the eighth-broken crankshaft.

Stay tuned for a completely new combo in 2007. The question is “What will it be”? I will give you a hint – the blower is for sale!


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