1000 RWHP Achieved!

Mike — Hang this on your wall – you were a key part of this build!

I finally got the clutch broken in and here’s what this baby did on the final dyno tune. And this is a “safe” tune on pump gas – a tank of 93 Octane with a gallon of 100 Octane mixed in.

After my tuner recorded this, we backed it down just a tad from 1028.7 RWHP and 943 RWTQ to 950 RWHP and 930 RWTQ to be on the safe side. The heads has a “Mild” Comp Cams Stage 1, heads and intake were ported with a competition valve job, 10% Innovators West Dual Keyed Lower Pulley, 10MM Ford GT Timing Chains, 2” primary long tube headers, 1400 HP DXT Twin Disc McLeod Clutch, Moser 31 Spline Chromalloy Rear Axles, Ford Racing Oil Pump with TSS Billet Oil Gears, 155MM JLT CAI, C&R High Capacity Heat Exchanger, C&R Ultra High Radiator, Kenny Bell BIGUN Intercooler, Fore Triple Pump Hat full return fuel system, and Injector Dynamics 1300 fuel injectors, just to name some of what went into the build.

The New Whipple 4.0 had a 3.75” upper pulley and the final PSI was about 19-20 PSI.

If you want the details on all that went into the build, let me know.

Thanks for all of your help on this build. I achieved my goal of 1000 RWHP.

Regards, James A. Holtzclaw

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