Project Lite-Weight — 1983 Mustang Coupe (Notchback), Log 6

Finishing Up !


Project lite consists of the following MAC parts:

  • 1 ¾ Long tube headers
  • 3” Pro-chamber
  • 3” pro-dumps (mufflers w/turndowns)

The standard ball flange on the outlet or collector of the header has been cut off and replaced with a true 3” ball. The headers as is neck down to a 2 ½ ball socket causing a restriction in the flow of the system.

On race cars we do this to get the maximum efficiency out of the exhaust. We have since found out that MAC produces a header with the correct ball, we will try those next time! The MAC Pro-chamber is a proven power producer and we opted to try them out for this project. Some slight grinding of the exhaust hanger hooks was necessary due to our custom crossmember setup.

Ball Flange

Support Group

Lite’s ignition system consists of an MSD Digital 6 Plus box, which has built in functions for nitrous retard as well as a 2-step feature for line-locs or future transbrake setups, hint, hint! An MSD HVAC coil was chosen for this application as it is recommended by MSD for the MSD Digital 6. The distributor is an MSD 8582 billet unit that is typical standard fare for the small block Ford. Beware, this distributor comes with a cast distributor gear which must be replaced with a steel unit for hydraulic roller motors. We will try different spring rates trackside or dynoside to optimize ignition timing and curves. A set of MSD 8.8 ignition wires will transmit spark to the Autolite #24 spark plugs.

Note: All of the ignition components have been securely fastened to the interior of Lite on the floorpan. An MSD bulkhead connector brings the coilwire through the firewall safely to prevent any shorts.

Cooling System

Radiator/Fan – The radiator is a Mike’s Mustangs brass HD 3-core unit with a 1995 Mustang 5.0 Electric cooling fan. This is a two speed fan where we will only hook up to the low speed unit, as early cars (79-93) cannot handle the amperage draw of the high speed switch. A standard auto parts store water pump and a 160 deg. Thermostat are proven pieces on a drag only car.

Coming Up – Getting ready for the track.



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