Project Lite-Weight — 1983 Mustang Coupe (Notchback), Log 4

NHRA mandates several items which are being addressed on the project.

  1. The fuel cell requires several details to be addressed. The protruding portion of the fuel cell (i.e. the sump) must be surrounded /protected by a sheet metal plate on the trunk floorpan. This is to avoid any possible ruptures. If you are using a steel or aluminum tank or cell this is not necessary. We called our tin man and had him fabricate pan to fit under our fuel cell.
  2. While on the topic of tin, we will also have the tin man fabricate a plate to block the passenger compartment from the trunk area where the fuel cell and battery reside.
  3. NHRA also requires an accessible On/Off battery switch when the battery is relocated to an area other than stock. The switch is to be labeled off appropriately in the case of an emergency and it is also required to shut off the vehicle. This is not always as easy as it seems. Efi cars generally shut off when the switch is turned off, but carb cars sometimes need a relay to accomplish this as the alternator still provides current to the MSD or ignition source.
  4. The trunk mounted battery also requires a minimum 3/8” holdown bolt or stud to safely secure the battery to the floor.
NHRA Legal Pan for Fuel Sump

A few other NHRA safety items covered on this car are:

  • Lakewood Safety Bellhousing – required on manual trans cars running 11.99 or faster
  • Driveshaft Safety Loop – required on cars running 13.99 or faster
  • 6-Point Roll Bar – 11.99 or faster (13.99 for convertibles)

BE ADVISED…The tracks do inspect your car. The faster you go the more they check…so pity the fool if you know what I mean! They will send you home if your battery is floatin in the breeze!\



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